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In the growing age of shrinking physical distances and instant respond expectation, the world have evolve globalisation to another level. In the new global business development, the grey area between bricks & mortars and online stores are getting enlarge day by day. With brick & mortars store offering online order, delivery, pick up and exchange, it is clear that they are upping their game to fences off the swanky and heavily discounted online stores a run for their money.

Here comes the latest buzz word for the new business world – O2O Business Solutions

O2O Business concept is coined famously by Alibaba Founder; Jack Ma, where it mean “Offline to Online” and “Online to Offline” business operation. In each business group of online stores and offline stores (a.k.a Bricks & Mortars) are setting dual business environment seamlessly.

This is where Netiquette does things differently….

Netiquette agree with major news publications and recognize that South East Asia or ASEAN as a whole will be the next world economic engine driver of the world after China. But at the same time, this is the most challenging part of the world as we will need to deal with different languages, government taxation regulation, localised support and availabilities of decent internet services.

Netiquette is building her operation around ASEAN and currently the solutions is localised for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and upcoming Thailand. These are the countries with sizable middle income population with good or otherwise decent internet connectivity. Let face it, internet performance still play an important part for any technologies in the world. And don’t get it wrong as well, we are not forsaking our equally important neighbours that are expanding aggressively in the recent years and are expecting to pick up speed as well. We will get there and this is our promise!

#Localised Support #Localised Language #Localised Sales and Purchase Tax #Seamless Usage

Who are the Enterprises/Corporations that going to benefit?

We all know Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and mentioned MNCs, all the big names such as Samsung, Alibaba and many others come into your mind.

But with technologies, efficient logistics and air travel, there are a growing class of Mico-Multi-National Corporations (MMNCs) around the world. Even some of the banks saw the emergence of this nature and had delicated strategies to attract them.

Source: https://view.ingwb.com/the-rise-of-the-micro-multinationals

When it comes to technological business solutions? The big boys brand names will come into mind, however it will cost an arm and a leg to implement solutions of this scale.

Netiquette solutions is design to cater for enterprises from a start up to thru the growth stage. Her affordable with extensive power pack features will allow many businesses of different industries to use.

Netiquette charges a localised rate for each of the home market so that her solutions remain affordable to the masses. Our suite of solutions has her own in build language table that will translate the menu into their native languages based on their own user’s settings. Thus if you don’t read or understand the languages, you can just simply convert it to English or the others languages in the language bar. 

Netiquette have APIs library that anyone can use to integrate with other solutions. And if it is not enough, we are open to collaborate with more partners so that we can achieve seamless integration so that we all can gain greater work efficiency.

With On-Premise Point of Sales system, users will be able to run their retails operations as a local inventory and sales system. And the data will be send to their HQ at the end of the day to update the store’s inventory level and sales performance. And thus complete the entire O2O business concept.

Last but not least, if the solutions that Netiquette developed is not suited to your business needs, you can still customised certain feature/fields/workflow at a separate cost. However you will need to subscribe to a private cloud hosting that will store your customised solutions and you may have your own company domain complete with SSL encryption service provider of your choice.

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