Take control of your multi-location operations in a single cloud

Managing a growing business and employees can be very challenging, especially if your business consists of multi-location operations. Here is why implementing integrated modules in your daily business can help enhance your future business growth 

Many growing businesses have factories, warehouses, offices, and retail shops located across states or even the country. It adds another layer of complexity and difficulty. If all locations and departments can work together in a way, sharing the same data from all points of the business, isn’t it great for all parties, be it, business owner or employee?

Hence, without a proper set of management, it somehow is where all the headaches are coming from. Synchronization of business flow between all location operations is really important.

The big question is, how did integrating your multi-location operations help in strategizing future business growth, and how did it make a difference between traditional versus cloud-based modules?


Traditionally, it takes time to update inventories or reports between locations by transferring excel files, then looking back at each excel file to do amendments and records. On top of that, inconveniently keeping all the excel files for records, stacking up sales receipts in your office space, and many more to sort out.

This eventually slows down your business progression and productivity.


The existence of cloud-based integrated modules in the market now, able to make the whole business runs at a clearer flow. Each location or department is able to communicate effectively with each other with the same information captured from the modules.

Now, it takes just a few clicks to update reports without having to transfer files to other departments. With cloud, all records and sales receipts are now stored in a single point, as well, it is easy to trace back in the future. In fact, it has more function to it than what you are figuring. Plus, it is easy to be implemented.

This eventually increases your business progression and productivity.

That is why you need to transform your business into a single cloud, as information sharing across multi-location operations is the key

Cloud provides a single point of data storage to manage your multi-location operations, from inventory to sales, accounting, payroll, etc., thus enabling better visibility, transparency, and scalability platform.

  1. Visibility across all locations enable all users to monitor operations flow and capture report fuss-free.
    • It enable business owner to view the whole business progress of all locations in just a few clicks.
    • It also enables HOD to identify through immediate problems with instance decision making. This, in turn, allows the business to move at a faster, and more systematic pace, while able to reduce human error.
  2. It also promotes a transparency platform for users to view all or certain data.
    • Business owner or HOD able to audit and trace every movement of their operations or employee.
    • Even though all locations are sharing information at a single point, each location still works the same without affecting data at other locations. Yet, by the end of the period, you can view through all reports across locations in one place with a single click.
  3. These integrated modules are highly scalable too.
    • So as you are ready to expand your company to other locations, data can still keep flowing. 
    • You don’t have to fret about adding new networks, systems, or updates because cloud-based modules scale easily to accommodate new locations.

Next, being able to generate real-time business analytics

A notable benefit of having integrated multi-location modules is that data is captured from system where you can generate reports and get real-time business analytics. Without synchronizing data or merge different reports, you can get different sets of business analytics. For example, business owner or HOD is able to quickly track day-to-day sales, cash, stocks, and employee KPI. This provide business owner an instant solution based on the real-time analysis.

Each location meetings involved less paperwork as data can be projected directly from the software, and time was spent on more productive discussions and actions. Besides, by sharing the same flow of centralized data, all employees able to view in the same direction and problems, which can lead to solving problems more effectively. Also, employees can stand at a better view of their employer, and vice versa.

Here are a few key features on how Netiquette able to maneuver your multi-location business:

(AMS, IMS, CRM, PAY, POS, etc..)

    • Company accountants able to view or update transactions across all or selected locations
    • Salesperson across all locations able to view the availability of stocks in real-time and create sales order anywhere
    • Centralized purchase from one department, which able to monitor overall stocks left at various locations and orders in hand at inventory to do stock-transfers. Then plan purchases, place purchase orders and transfer stocks from one location to another

In a bigger picture, all these integrated modules help not only managing your daily business but also to assist in your business planning for further business growth strategy.

This in turn will increase efficiencies, better planning, and synchronization of business flow. It helps not only smoothen daily business operations but reduce employees’ burden to focus on more important tasks and enable business owner to envision and strive higher, as they are able to track employees’ performance at ease and plan accordingly.

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