Accounting in Your Business

What may excite you when you’re thinking about a business is an imagination of successful of your products or services and your freedom of your lifestyle that sure will come. And next, of course, what may bore and even frighten you is the numbers and figures that need to be wrestle. Cash? Credit? Bank Reconcile? Invoices? Moreover – Profit & Loss? Balance Sheet? Cash Flows?

Whether you want to sell “Nasi Lemak” on the street or deliver car servicing, your business will acquire some form of accounting. All these term may cast a glaze over the brightest eyes, but, in this article, we’ll show you, as a business owner, accounting is a process larger than crunching your numbers.



First and foremost, you have to realize that accounting is more than numbers. Customer database, vendors/suppliers ,and even your employees have to be kept. Our accounting software definitely helps business owners to keep all these information at our cloud server. With these information, you always able to keep track on your business and make the decision which is good for your company. For example, with the proper documentation on these, you may discover that people in Kuala Lumpur area are more buying your “Nasi Lemak” rather than people live in Klang. You can legitimately plan your sales for the next month.


Bookkeeping vs Accounting.

Second, all transactions and information have to be recorded. This is called the bookkeeping. – and it must be done regularly. You won’t get a good picture of your company if the data is stored in the “boxes” at the basement or kept in your “head”. Accounting is the big picture, where the system wi;; keeps track of data, recording your history transaction, and represents you the reports – clear picture what happen to your company. Accounting also encompasses payroll process, an area of most of the entrepreneurs accompany a mistakes. Accounting is the “system” that will provide the reports and information you need.

Think of accounting as your heart and of bookkeeping as the blood vein that processing the blood stuff into it. Things get stirred around and you get the information you need to run for your businesses.


Sophisticated Accounting Management

Accounting is something that is sophisticated “stuff” for all business owners especially for those people who do not have any accounting knowledge. In the old days, business owners will have to manually records the transactions, cash flow, and spend more in hiring accountant in order to prepare financial statement. Now, with the accounting system, it definitely save business owners’ time in doing bookkeeping. Besides that, it also generate reliable reports for business owners to make essential decision for business growth. Our accounting software is designed to cater every accounting and bookkeeping needs and it is easy to use although you do not have any accounting knowledge.

Accounting software simplify your bookkeeping and accounting information by avoiding double or missing data entries. Let our Accounting Management System helps you in storing your business data and generate business reports.

Netiquette Software as the leading business solution for SMBs make your business easy where you can generate invoice, payment vouchers, cash flow management and many more financial management for your business. Furthermore, our accounting software also integrate with our Inventory Management System and Payroll System.

With the help of our accounting software, it definitely save more than 90% of your time in managing your business by accelerates your financial, sales and customer database in one-single-platform business process.

All in all, you are developing your business. When your business is humming along with transactions sliding into a proper slots, you’ll be able to click a button on your computer screen and get a clear picture.


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