Billing and Invoicing Software

Billing and Invoicing Software

Invoice processing and payment are always required largely manual operation that often involving shuffling paper and writing checks which is very time consuming for most organizations.

According to a 2016 US Federal Reserve Study, using electronic invoicing can save businesses a significant amount of money from $4 to $8 per invoice. This is because e-invoicing can improve visibility into all invoice-related documents since the information is online and available in real time through a cloud-based billing and invoicing software.

The best billing & invoicing software usually carry the following features:

  1. Create and Send Invoice

Create invoice with information includes customer name, discounts, sales tax, currency preference, deposits, payment terms, invoice due date, grand total and others.  The invoice can then be printed or email to customer directly from billing and invoicing system.


  1. Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices can be automated to send to long term clients through the system on a schedule.


  1. Customize Bill Format

Bill format can be customized according with company preferences by offering support for customized logos and other design improvements to bill format.


  1. Multi-Currency

Choose your preferred currency with each client in your invoices.


  1. Automatic Tax Calculation

Allows user to generate unlimited tax code and apply to invoice to collect the right amount of sales tax.


  1. Customize Invoice Payment Term

Pick the right invoice payment terms to keep your cash flowing and ensure your invoice will be paid on time.


  1. Mark Invoices as “Paid”

Invoices status can be automatically updated to “Paid” when there’s no more outstanding balance.


  1. Invoices Report

Get real time report on bill status such as number of outstanding invoices, debt amount and paid amount.


  1. Invoice from anywhere with the mobile app

Manage expenses and create invoices on the go with Android or iOS mobile app.


Example of invoicing software?

  1. Netiquette Software

Netiquette Inventory & Billing System is a cloud-based software that combine inventory control and invoicing features as a one system.  In term of the invoicing feature, Netiquette helps users quickly create and send out professional looking invoices on the go through PC, tablets and even mobile apps. It allows companies to manage their expenses, generate digital bills and gain in-depth insights on their customers’ spending habits.

Netiquette online inventory & billing software can integrate with your accounting system and can be linked to your payroll and reporting modules through API integration. It can even connect directly to ecommerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopify, Prestashop and Magento. You can produce a variety of reports with Netiquette inventory & billing software which can assist you to monitor invoices’status, particular those that are currently outstanding. Furthermore, you can automate reports generation, export them as PDF files, Excel files or view in HTML file and print them out directly from Netiquette Inventory & Billing software.

Let’s Netiquette Software helps you to eliminate manual entries, and automates routine operations to cut time consumption.

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Netiquette Software, Think Mammoth.

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