Business Moving Towards Digital

Business Moving Towards Digital

In this digital era, businesses are moving towards digital and are switching to cloud. With the recent research, the number of internet users are increasing rapidly, where almost 53% of the total population in Southeast Asia, around 340 million of them are internet users. In order to meet the consumers’ needs, a lot of business are innovating their business model to stay competitive.

Internet users statistics
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Digital brings profit and make people lives easier

By moving business towards digital really brings profit to company. By the boosting of e-commerce store like Lazada, Amazon, Alibaba and many more, it is not necessary for the sellers to have a physical store and able to reach more customers from any corner of the world.

On the other hand, a lot of country such as India, Sweden and China are moving towards cashless by using digital payment such as Alipay, Samsung Pay and many more. Throughout the recent survey done by a Taiwan TV Show in Sweden, they had interviewed the consumers and the business owners where they feel the it is much more convenience by using digital payment.

In Malaysia, a lot of businesses are starting to accept digital payment regardless it is F&B business or retailing business.


New Marketing & Sales Opportunity

Businesses are benefited by digitalize their business. They are able to identify new marketing and sales opportunity. Wechat, one of the famous social media apps in China, where the business owners often use it as a platform to promote their business. Business users shared the promotion and new products and many more to their customers. Besides that, in this digital era, everybody are easily connected regardless where are you. With the help of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business owners could reach their customers thru webinars or social media.


E-commerce in Southeast Asia region

There are a lot of e-commerce store in Southeast Asia such as webshaper, Lazada and many more. Business owners have more choice in posting their products to the e-commerce store.

By moving the traditional retailing business to online retailing business, definitely will bring in more battle in price war and also benefited the end users where more choices in the market. If you are targeting your customers in Southeast Asia, moving towards E-commerce and digitalize your business definitely will bring you excitement where there is a total of 53% of the total population in SEA are internet users and it is expected to be increase.

Image credit : aseanup
Image credit : aseanup



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