Cloud based HR Software: Remotely manage your employees

Engaging with your company’s employees and build a strong bonding among your teammates always not an easy job. The HR department of all company will request a HR software to manage the company’s payroll and employees’ information. There are several features where the cloud-based software will benefits the company:

Assess Employee Productivity

Netiquette HRMS enable users to assess employees’ performance through pre-set KPI. Furthermore, company could appraise employees with good performance. On the other hand, promotion opportunity could be given based on the company’s policy. It will definitely motivate the employee to bring in more customers. With the pre-set KPI, all departments of the company could identify it’s goals. Furthermore, Netiquette HRMS often keep employees performance records with real time records.

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Train and Develop Employees

In order to keep the company’s employees always competitive in the market, therefore, the HR department often organize training event for employees. Netiquette HRMS enable company to organize training event through the system and updates to the employees in the company. Furthermore, with the real time record, Netiquette HRMS able to eekp your team strong and well organize where all the information are at your fingertips.

Keep goals clear & stay focused

With pre-set KPI in Netiquette HRMS, company’s management could always make sure respective departments able to meet their goals. On the other hand, the system could set the requirements for interview candidates. With the pre-set requirements, company could recruit the right person for company. Besides that, company’s management could evaluate their employees’ achievements towards the pre-set goals and make adjustment from time-to-time.

Real time data for strategic decision

As Netiquette HRMS is cloud-based, it is able to provide the information in real time to the users. Besides that, HRMS able to eliminate data entry error and time-consuming data entry. Through the real time view on customizable reports, it is enable users to pinpoint and analyze the trend of the company. Furthermore, Netiquette HRMS allow employees to perform e-submission for their apply.

All in all, Netiquette HRMS enable users to manage company’s payroll easily and bring in more convenience to companies while managing company’s payroll and HR management.


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