Customer Retention For Every Business

Retaining customers is always not an easy job but it’s always easy to say. Every business faced the same difficulties in retaining their customers. No matter you are running a B2B business, or B2C or B2B2C business, you always have to understand the importance and “know-how” to retain you customers. So, how do you retain your customers?


Understand what’s your customer’s needs

You might be think that understand what’s your customer’s needs is only essential in acquiring new customers. In fact, it is also essential in retaining your customers. By understanding the needs of your customers, you will be always deliver your best to your customers thru listening to their needs, sometime they will provide their insights and opinion which could help your business growth.

There are many forms of retaining your customers, you can retain customer thru provide good after sales services, provide necessary supports and many more.

NIRO Granite is working with Netiquette Business Solution, create a system to handle their customer relationship management and performing excellent customer retention.

Appreciate your customers

Appreciation is necessary for those customers who are loyal with your brand or your company. There are various appreciation can be given to your loyal customers. Nowadays, a lot of online retailers often give out free gifts or exclusive discounts to their customers who often make purchase at their place. Besides that, some retailing business like Tesco Malaysia often give voucher to their customers as an appreciation for spending at Tesco.


Interact frequently with your customers

A lot of business nowadays interact with their customers in different ways in order to stay competitive. There are various ways to interact with customers such as social media, marketing event, email marketing and many more. The types of interaction you want to interact with your customers are subjected to your marketing objectives. For example, if you would like to collect customer testimonial/feedback, you can send email blast by using third party’s software such as Mailchimp, SendinBlue and many more which it is one of the method to collect customer testimonial effectively.


Customer retention is essential in your marketing strategy and helps your business continuous growth. With a proper customer retention, your customer will be satisfied and would highly recommend your business to their friends or acquaintance.


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