How To Engage With Your Customers in Social Media?

Do you know every people spent 126 minutes everyday in social media? It is undeniable, since the launch on social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many more, the time spent on social media are increasing drastically. Businesses are now investing their time and money in order to reach their customers intensively thru social media. However, do you know how to engage with your customers thru social media without burning a lot of cash?

Set your marketing objective

Before we start any marketing activities, we have to understand the objectives of the marketing campaign. We should plan marketing campaign which will be launch thru social media according to our marketing campaign.

If your marketing campaign is to attract more people to know about your brand, you should create more content poster and activities in order to attract more people to react and share your business to their friends thru word-of-mouth or referral. However, the marketing strategies thru social media are various in different situation and marketing objectives.

Schedule your social media marketing frequently

By scheduling your social media campaign at the right time, it will helps you to generate results tremendously and save your time and cost. You should research on what’s the best time your target audience in social media will be more active and schedule it accordingly.

If you have social media page in Instagram and Twitter, you may consider Hooutsuite or any other software which it will helps you automatically schedule your post at no hassle. Besides that, schedule your social media marketing campaign frequently will increase higher chances to let people remember and recommend your business to people around them, which it eventually will bring in high ROI and decrease your cost acquisition per customer.


Identify who are your target audience

It is important for you to understand who are your target audience while running your marketing campaign. If you target the wrong community, it will waste your time and cost. Different target audience will have different behavior. Once you understand who are your target audience, you will get the right customers to follow your page and increase your brand awareness among the right target audience.

Engage target audience with quality content

Followers will follow your business page in social media only if they find your business page are interested and shared them a lot of informative info. However, it is also important to share creative content which could attract more people to engage with your business page.

For instance, if you are running fashion online store which are selling male and female shirts, you should share more content such as model photos/video or organize any free voucher marketing campaign in order to attract more people to your customers and purchase.

Hire Online Marketing Specialist

It is always smart choice to hire an online marketing specialist either in house or outsource. You, as a business owner, you can now focus on the core business operations and let the online marketing specialist handle your online marketing campaign.


All-in-all, these are the tricks on how to do online marketing thru social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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