How to improve business processes?

The integration of accounting and inventory management system (AIMS) holds up a great driving force to improve the business operation. Many small businesses today look into this solution as they will be able to plan effectively, take immediate action and have the real time data at the fingertips. They love the integration.

Netiquette software providing a one complete cloud business solution since the year of 2006. Netiquette enables small businesses streamline their business operation and come out with the efficient business solution which is the integration of accounting and inventory management system. Now, Accounting management system (AMS) can communicate with inventory management system (IMS) well.

Let’s have a quick look

Netiquette Software’s Inventory Management System (IMS) enables small business owners to manage work processes and ensure stocks are always located at the right place and accounted for. This is also the core reason that drives small business owners to take on Netiquette software’s IMS for their businesses. Not only that, the sales and purchasing modules benefits owners to fast track their order to cash processes simultaneously. This can be a critical factor if one’s business does not aware of the first-hand information of their stock status which might affect the business performance in the long run. IMS provides assistance in inventory level forecasting and reinforcing broader plan of on going business. Apart from that, IMS is applied n wide range of field as it is a system that can custom-tailored to the needs of individual needs and specifications. Small businesses can have more flexibility by using IMS that deploys a cloud platform.

Also,  Netiquette Software’s Accounting Management System (AMS) designed to meet the accounting needs of small businesses. AMS provides complete real time visibility into the company’s financial performance. Owner can then make sounds decision by accessing the performance of the business. Netiquette Software’s AMS attracted many small businesses as it provides solutions to make daily operation hassle-free. One example on it is the tax management feature which helps user to simplify transaction, time-consumed for tabulating tax figures can be greatly reduced. Thus, small business owners can eliminate manual paper work and focus on vastly on productivity.

However, we believe and encouraged businesses to own both the AMS and IMS instead of having only one of them in business operation. The integration between the two system can produce much convenience to the business in long-term growth.

We can relate to the Inventory Management System when it comes to the massive amount of inventory aspects. At the same time, we will need an Accounting system to complement the financial performance of the company. You can easily manage your business with the integration of accounting and inventory management system instead of just having one of them in business operation.

1. Optimising Inventory Level with Financial Goals

Netiquette Cloud solutions enables small business owners to access information conveniently anytime at any places. Owners will always be updated with the real-time data at their fingertips. Business Owner can then make forecasts and plan better ahead based on the visibility of real time data. Apart from that, business owner can always be alerted with the stock availability and such integration assists users to make better judgement. Business entities will then have the advantage in levelling their inventory with the company’s financial goals.

2. Enhance Automation and Accomplish Organisational Goals

To achieve the business goals, one should go for the system integration between IMS and AMS. This integration helps business owner to streamline the business flows from purchases and sales to their inventory stock process. In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, we believe that a detailed view of business processes can help daily operations to achieve and stay on track with the business goals.

3. Posting from IMS to AMS and Generating Comprehensive Reports

The system integration between IMS and AMS ease the burden of the daily user as it can help employees to have better time allocation. User can run posting from IMS to AMS for generating of  annual report(such as Profit and Loss, Balance sheet) and tax return or any other comprehensive report(such as Statement of Account). AMS integrates seamlessly with IMS to accelerate the business processes for example quote-to-cash and quote-to-cash is a crucial process which drives the revenue for one’s business. Cohesiveness between systems can be one of the key factors to improve the Quote-to-cash process. The holistic approaches of integration are important to ensure business sustainability in the long run.

A business not only aims to maximise profitability but it also achieve ultimate business goals as we look ahead. Before that, business entities should take some time to look into business solution  that fit into their organisation before they are able to work towards the goal.

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