Invest your team to move your business forward

For some reason, business owner will ask, Why should I train my staff, as they might leaving us one day. Yeah, it may be true, that people might not be loyal to a company although training had provided and it is most likely happened to small and medium sized businesses (SME). But, somehow, train your staff will bring GREAT IMPACT to your business too.


Invest in your PEOPLE to move your business forward

What is the most valuable asset for a company? Cash or People? Definitely it is PEOPLE. Without PEOPLE working for your company, it is impossible for a company to move forward. Corporates like Apple Inc, DHL, and many more, often provide a lot of training to their employees.

For the conventional arguments, there might be some people ing, what if I provide training to my employees, and they left? Isn’t it not worth in providing such training? Well, from my opinion, we shouldn’t concern about the people might be leaving or not, but, instead, we should provide necessary training to them as they are important asset for company and they will bring the company move forward.


Building people instead of buying them

Many business owner doesn’t aware the importance of training building people. They might tend to think that, building people will be a burden.

Smart bosses, always willing to coach people because they took it as an investment. They understand that by investing people and keep them always keep them upskill will bring benefits to the company future development.


Note on productivity

Productivity means a lot to every company and it is a tangible ROI for a company. BY producing knowledge and skills to the employees, it will bring impact to the company.

Furthermore, it is a practical way which it will expose the employees to the real situation. Besides that, by providing necessary training which based on the projects, definitely will improve the employees’ productivity.


Bonding among your team

Bonding is a crucial elements to ensure your business growth robustly. The training is not only teaching your staff theoretically, but, also open communication among your team. It is also a way to create a quality workplace communication and let everyone know each other.


Leverage the information technology

Thanks to the power of information technology (IT). Now, there is a lot of mobile applications and software enable business owners to handle their human resource management. For instance, Netiquette Human Resource Management System is one of the human resource management software in the market (Kindly click here for more information)


If you have the ambitious to grow your business, you should up-skill your workforce and keep on motivate your team to prevent your team and business moving backward. Train your staff and take it as an investment for the sake of your business development.


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