Modular ERP Solution for SMEs

Most businesses that have moved beyond the startup phase are likely looking into acquiring enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to improve productivity, increase efficiencies and streamline processes into one system. This is because ERP software connects different systems used by each individual part of a business to eliminate duplicate and incompatible technology that is costly to the company. ERP software involves integrating accounting system, stock-control systems, and customer databases into one system.

However, ERP software is expensive which requires huge investment. This is particularly true when it is an on-premise ERP system. One of the reasons is that on-premise ERP systems will require ongoing maintenance. This is because you need to make sure your product working properly and constantly up-to-date. The costs associated with ongoing maintenance include any additional hardware needed, network fees, IT labor costs, and any other departmental costs to ensure your enterprise solution is in perfect shape.

Besides, implementation costs of ERP systems cover planning and organizing your project, training, prototyping functional areas of your business, installing the software, configuring the system, implementing process changes and lastly completing conversions. Therefore, it may requires a huge investment to implement for on-premise ERP systems.

In contrast with on-premise ERP systems, companies are only needed to pay for subscription fees according to the number of users to manage data and applications with cloud ERP solutions, eliminating infrastructure costs and additional dedicated employees to managing infrastructure. Furthermore, cloud ERP systems offer businesses greater flexibility as the only requirement is a steady internet connection, enabling employees to have access to vital information from anywhere with internet access.

The flexibility, accessibility and mobility of cloud ERP sets it apart from other systems as it can be delivered and accessed via the cloud. Thus, cloud ERP systems are typically easier to use and much faster to deploy than on-premise ERP systems.

When considering cloud ERP software, the presence or absence of the following features should be taken into consideration:

  1. Accounting and Financial

Cloud ERP should be able to manage all of your business’s accounting and financial challenges from purchasing, acquisitions, sales data and all phases of financial reconciliation. For example, Netiquette cloud Accounting Software provides real time data reporting on your business health with the cash flow, cash to loan gearing data, return on capital and many more.

  1. Inventory Control

Cloud ERP should provide inventory management and sales analysis that can allow you to reduce expenses, maximize use of staff time, automate the majority of data-driven tracking processes, determine and maintain optimum inventory levels while ensuring flawless accuracy and thorough tracking of stock, expense and profit management. For instance, Netiquette cloud Inventory Software fast-tracks your order-to-cash process and manage stock processes to ensure that inventory are at the right place, on the right time with the right cost.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Many companies take advantage of cloud ERP’s remarkably strong customer relationship management tools. With Netiquette cloud CRM Software, you can manage sales pipelines to capture lead and sales opportunity effectively and enhance customer satisfaction with Netiquette Support Ticketing System and enable support agents to track and solve customer enquiry efficiently.

  1. Payroll

In addition, Payroll management is also important to pipeline financial data of your business. Netiquette cloud Payroll Software supports all major banks, transactions and payment models, with a flexible reporting system for all types of businesses and industries.

Thus, a complete cloud ERP system helps organizations to manage all vital data and generate useful reports for better business decision making. However, most of the companies are being headache to work with different vendor to combine the solutions. Netiquette Software is here to provide Modular ERP solutions where companies particularly SMEs do not need to purchase a full-fledged ERP at a high cost while able to enjoy system integration and management support on business operations.

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