Moving Business towards Cloud

What is cloud?

“Cloud” means a network of remote servers that enable users to manage, store and process their data on an online server instead of stored in your personal computer hard drive. Cloud-based solutions are now go to most of the small and medium enterprise to enable the business owner works anywhere anytime when there is internet connection.

How does SME business benefit from cloud?

  1. Increase productivity

When business worker can access to business data anywhere anytime, the time taken to make resources available from suppliers to business customers decrease considerably from months to just few minutes over a click. Decreasing in product and service delivery time makes an increasing in business productivity.

  1. Unlimited storage

There is unlimited storage over the cloud, means that business owner can store business data as many as they want on the internet data store room that cannot be done by the external storage hardware. Even the storage is running out of space, the additional space can be added simply and quickly.

  1. Data are always available and reliable

When data stored in the cloud, business worker can just log in by username and password to get the data immediately because data is available anytime. Why we said it is reliable? Because there is daily and automatically data backup to ensure your data is secure and reduce the server downtime, as well as mitigate the risk of data loss.

  1. Reduce operation expenditure

Why the SME business want to spend more when they can save more than that! In fact, the IT hardware can be very expensive and consume a large portion of the operation expenditure. When business goes cloud, it can be expand easily without investing a huge amount on the new IT hardware, and reducing the internet server license fees.

  1. Connectivity

The uses of cloud-base business solutions make everyone in the business connect each other therefore reduce the confusion and the misunderstanding. When most of the business advocate work in a team rather than work individually, goes cloud makes the business worker share and store the real time documents and files in the database to work together.

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