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In the recent studies, there is more than 41.9% YoY growth rate since 2015 in cloud business solution in Asia Pacific due to it’s flexibility, low cost and efficiency. Besides that, there is a significant indicator shows that a lot of businesses is migrating their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from offline to cloud. According to Data Centre & Cloud Computing Industry Analyst Yu Xuan Ng, who is from Frost & Sullivan, said that over the next three to five years, the APAC cloud market will gravitate towards a hybrid deployment model by adopting cloud business solution.


Integrate Online with Offline

By adopting the cloud business solution, a lot of functions in business operation particularly in paper work can be automated and monitor remotely. Besides that, there is no need for manually key in the entry.

The cloud accounting software enable accountant to act as virtual CFO for every business where they no longer need to visit or work at their client place frequently as they can now access to their client’s accounting software and handle their client’s accounting and bookkeeping. Furthermore, it had directly increase the efficiency. Netiquette Accounting Management System cater the needs of every small and medium business and also helps accountant to work efficiently.


Make everything as simple as possible

In this smart device era, mobile phone is making everything easier, faster and effectively. In small business, business owner looking for something which is flexible and efficient in order to scale up, therefore, a good software is crucial for the business. The cloud inventory software enable small business to issue quotation, purchase order, invoice, and delivery order easily and with no-hassle. Netiquette Inventory Management System enable sales representatives to issue the respective documents in sales through phone application which it had save the time and make the deal to complete efficiently.


Better and flexible management

With the cloud business solution, it enable small business to be more flexible and can be monitor effectively, which in other ways, it could helps the business owner to monitor their business in real time at anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, by adopting cloud business solution in your business, it definitely will have no longer working at a single place but in multiple place, even run your business international. Our customer, James Pinto, Country director of PT. Scalenow Solusi, an Information Technology service company in Indonesia shared that Netiquette Software had enable his business more flexible, and now his business expanded to Singapore, and Malaysia.

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