Let’s Begin Empowerment Journey via Payroll Management System

It is well known that the growth and development of business now no longer depends only on the succession plan of business strategy, but also on employee empowerment which is a very crucial factor to be considered. As such, empower employees to apply leave and claim online is one of the effective approach to boost the business management productivity via an efficient Payroll Management System.

The empowerment of employees has always been one of the goals that business leaders constantly strive to achieve. However, not all businesses have the same mind set. For example, most small office/home office (SOHO) will not send their employees to high cost training as they believe that it is not beneficial to the company. As a result, it will certainly bring down the morale and motivation of the said employees as well as preventing the growth and skill sets.

Believing and investing in your employees will certainly bring your business one step closer to success. It is not difficult to empower your employees. One of the ways to do so is to give your employees the freedom and flexibility to apply and claim leaves online. Let’s begin the empowerment journey.

E-leave module is a catalyst that allows you to step up and grow your company. Employees will have the freedom and ability to self-manage and apply for leaves. Netiquette Software value employee’s empowerment and thus, will continue to constantly strive to enhance the future products and developments with this value in mind.

How E-leave and E-claim works?

With Netiquette Payroll System, employees can now apply and submit their leave online on their own and wait for approval. An automated email will be generated and sent to notify the employer, as well as to the employees regarding the status of the leave application. The system will keep track of all employees’ leave balance, leave entitlements as well as leave records. Besides that, admin and employees will also be able to generate and view reports on how many leave they have left. Netiquette payroll provides the systematic approach and all these can be done online.

This is much more convenient and environment friendly compare to the traditional method. At the end of the month or over a certain period, the admins will be able to generate the comprehensive report regarding employees leaving lists, personal leave record and many more. Every information can be easily access on your fingertips with Netiquette user friendly system.

Employees can also submit their related claims by using Netiquette Payroll System. They will only need to submit several related information including the picture of the receipt through Netiquette Payroll App and wait for the approval from employers. Again, this can easily be done via online submission. Employers will then have a clear listing and approve submitted claim based on employees’ entitlement and work-related activities.

Employee self-management module empowers individuals to be more responsible and as well as ease the workload of the company / cut down on administration work. It also ensures clear communication between employers and employees. Netiquette Software is also very efficient as it is a cloud business solution provider. Consequently, employers and employees have access and are able to perform actions anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet connections. resulting zero distance and unhindered communication between employers and employees.

Still wondering how you can empower your employees?

The impact of making changes will not be visible immediately, but the continuous practice will. Find out more and sign up for the 30 days free trial.

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