How Do I Submit Employment Insurance System (EIS) ?

Malaysia will enforced EIS starting from January 2018 onwards. We’re here to provide you the guideline for every business owners regarding on the EIS submission procedure.

To register your account, kindly click on this link to download the necessary Employment Insurance System Forms.

You will need to fill up 2 forms: SIP 1A and SIP 2A. Should you have a new worker that hasn’t yet contributed to SOCSO (ie. New Staff), you will need to fill up form SIP 2. Please submit the completed forms at any Socso branch near you.

1st – Download the form from PERKESO (Lampiran 1)


2nd – Fill in your employee’s information respectively

a. Employer Code
b. SSM number
c. Employee’s ID number
d. Employee’s name
e. Contribution month (MM/DD/YY) *Please refer to the latest date format provided by PERKESO
f. Total Amount of Contribution (Contribution Table)
g. Date of Start Working (DD/MM?YY) *Please refer to the latest date format provided by PERKESO
h. Status of the Worker in the company


3rd – Email to with the Lampiran 1 attachment subject show in below:

  • [Caruman SIP: kod majikan – mm/yyyy
  • Remember to print your email copy as you will have to prove to the officer when you visit PERKESO counter to remit the payment


4th – Bring along your email soft copy and a cheque which state Payable to: PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL to the nearby PERKESO office/counter

  • Make sure at the back of your cheque state your Kod Majikan and the DATE of the contribution submission
  • Currently, PERKESO not accepting any online payment


5th – Remember to get the receipts from PERKESO officer after your remit your EIS payment.


For more information about Netiquette Payroll System, kindly click the link >>>


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