The Top 3 Must-Have Features of a Retail POS System

Today, Point of Sale has become very common as millions of retail and hospitality businesses are using POS system to improve control over operations, boosting profits and increasing efficiency. The following are the three must-have features that a business should look for an effective POS software:

  1. Sales Reporting and Analytics

Sales reporting and analytics is an important function of any POS System to capture and analyze store’s sales data.  Daily sales reports such as top selling product, top sales employess and top sales counter store are the examples of the report can that be generated in Netiquette POS System. Commission of each individual salesman is also able to be calculated easily in the system from the daily sales report. Thus, with one click of a button,  you can see your sales figure for that day, and how you were doing on inventory which is in contrast with the old way, without having a POS, you would have to look through all the data on your books and add it up manually.

  1. Tracking of Inventory

Management of the quantity of inventory is also critical for any retail store.  This is because manage quantity of stock is needed to determine when and how often to reorder products to avoid out of stock. An efficient inventory management eliminates the need for manually counting inventory which involve a lengthy and time-consuming process.  Netiquette POS System is integrable with Netiquette or other inventory system through API to sync the inventory data in real time. Through the system, you can generate the stock reorder advice report to  view the stock balance amount and the suggested stock reorder quantity for each retail store to ensure there’s sufficient stock on hand at all the time.

  1. Customer Data Management

Customer management is another vital function that enable retailers to enhance customer retention. An efficient POS software such as Netiquette POS System can turn a customer’s profile into information that can be referred to faciliate transactions like member purchasing history, member point history, member expire date and many more.  The data helps in building a relationship with regular customers by offering them loyalty programs with rewards, promotions and discounts to keep them coming back, which eventually improves sales and boosts profits. Furthermore, Netiquette POS allows you to customize pricing  and packaged offers at the customer level, and set the promotion period in real time for multiple store locations.

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