Top 4 reasons SMEs should adopt cloud software

In this fast growing pace, businesses owner have to be innovative and adopt the technology in order to survive and move your business forward. SMEs which is adopting cloud software had 10% growth in their revenues compare to those who didn’t. From here, we understand that SMEs which is adopting cloud software bring more profits to them. There are top 5 reasons besides the revenue growth and we would like to share with you why.



SMEs faces a lot of challenges. Somehow, as a business owner, he or she will have to be “one-leg-kick”, in other words, have to be able to know everything and involve yourselves at most of the task and time. Therefore, flexibility does matter for all business owners. With the right cloud-based software, business owners and the company’s executives can work more flexible where all the works can not only be done inside the office, but, also can be done outside the office.

For example, Netiquette Payroll System provides e-submission functions in phone app. Employee who have emergency events they can directly submit their application thru the app and the management could proceed the approval of the submission.



Security is a typical concern and often asked by every business. In this digital era, ransomware attack will could a company loss a lot and it could be unable to imagine. However, nowadays a lot of the cloud software in the market have the SSL certificate. The purpose of the SSL certificate is important in securing the data transfers, login, credit cards and debit card transactions.

With high security, SMEs businesses no longer have to concern about ransomware while using cloud based software.



Cost of ownership is lower

The overhead cost always is the most crucial things that every business always trying to reduce in order to have a better financial performance. Good news is, cost of ownership of cloud based software is very low. In the market there is a lot of cloud based software with cheaper price. For example, Google Drive is offering 100GB with only USD 4.99 per month.

Furthermore, Netiquette Software is providing cloud business solution for all SMEs with affordable price.

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Moving towards big data

Big data is important for every business growth. Even you’re a SME, with the data you have, you’re able to provide the right products and services to your customers or potential customers.

By elaborating the data you have, you’re able to understand what’s the needs of the market and how you could improve your business performance.

Netiquette Customer Relationship Management System enable you to have 360-degree view about your business at all time.

All in all, moving fast and break things, is the key for SMEs business to growth. By adopting the cloud based software in your business, you’re always ahead in the market compare with those who didn’t.

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